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Technical translations

Accuracy matters
We are more than just language experts. Our work requires us to acquire and maintain competent knowledge and understanding of a range of specialist subjects.
Using our in-house databases, extensive library and online resources, we are trained to familiarise ourselves with new subject areas fast.
For technical translations, we will refer to your existing glossaries and documents to ensure consistency.

We stay in close contact with you throughout the translation process, providing you with a comprehensive service and the very best results.

We have extensive translating and interpreting experience in the following areas. We will be pleased to send you an order form and provide any further information you require.

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The headquarters of Peschel Communications are just a stone’s throw from Freiburg District Court, but this isn’t the only reason why we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding legal translations.
Whether translating case records, contracts or general terms and conditions, we have an excellent command of specialist terminology and work with the accuracy that is imperative for legal translations.
Our years of experience have allowed us to acquire extensive background knowledge in this field – from A for arbitration to Z for zoning restrictions. References are available on request.

Renewable energy

As the birthplace of Intersolar and home to the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, the flagship company Solar-Fabrik AG and many solar construction projects, Freiburg is a bastion of solar energy.
So what could be more logical than to specialise in solar energy translations?
Since its inception, Peschel Communications has worked as an exclusive service provider for the world’s largest solar trade fair, Intersolar, and over time we have built up an excellent reputation as experts in renewable energy translation among many renowned customers from the industry.
This gives us a particular thrill, as the field not only provides us with professional opportunity but is also one that lies close to our hearts.

Medicine and pharmaceuticals

From proofreading medical publications to translating patient information leaflets for new drugs, we take great pride in providing top quality medical translations.
With clients including well-known pharmaceutical advertising agencies and Freiburg University Hospital, Peschel Communications has a mastery of the specialist terminology required to produce accurate medical texts.


Want to make your annual report accessible to foreign shareholders?
Expecting international guests at your general meeting who don’t speak your language?
Want to make sure you are not at a linguistic disadvantage in contract negotiations with international partners?
The translators and interpreters at Peschel Communications translate specialist business language swiftly and with precision.


In marketing, more than any other field, direct translations are not always possible.
To help effectively convey the advantages of your products and services to customers in other countries, Peschel Communications crafts texts that are right on target.
We take your existing copy as a starting point, but deliver much more than a word for word translation.
Each text is carefully fine-tuned until the message has the same impact in every language.


If “translation” is understood to mean transferring the content of a text into another language, in truth some advertising texts cannot really be translated.
For advertising to be effective in the language of your target market, linguistic flair and in-depth cultural knowledge of both the source and target languages are necessary.
For this reason, at Peschel Communications we prefer to call this transcreation.
Here, the translated text is not identical to the source text, but the core message and impact remain the same.

Social sciences

Whether translating reports on humanitarian projects or interpreting at specialist conferences on the integration of people with disabilities, Peschel Communications is extremely well-acquainted with the working methods and language of the social sector.


Anyone walking around Freiburg in summer quickly notices the high proportion of international visitors.
Our region is a real magnet for tourists from neighbouring European countries and beyond – due in no small part to the fact that hotels and tourism associations have recognised how effective targeted international marketing can be.
Providing visitors with information in their own language is a key part in any successful tourism strategy.
Peschel Communications therefore assists many public and private clients in making their outstanding communications accessible to others around the world.


Translations in this field need to combine the accuracy required for lists of ingredients with the creative language of advertising.
While crafting tailored translations for our clients, our team naturally enjoys keeping up-to-date with the products offered by this fast-paced industry.

Transcreation of advertising texts

Making the right impact in the customer’s language
Finding the right message in the target language takes a lot more than plain translation.
Creative concepts must be carefully adapted to ensure they retain their impact in a foreign language and culture.
As part of our range of services, we will proofread your advertising copy before it goes to print so you can be sure it hits exactly the right spot.

Certified translations

Documents, certificates, job applications
Official authorities such as courts, notaries and registrars generally require certified translations of foreign-language documents.
If you are thinking of applying for a job abroad, your documents and references should also be available in translation.
We are certified translators for English, French, Italian and Spanish, and are able to provide official translations from and into these languages, ensuring no language barriers stand in the way of your wedding in Berlin or your studies in France.

Express translations

In a hurry?
Just found out you have to file a report first thing in the morning – in German?
What if the contract you are planning to sign next week with your Spanish business partners is not expected back from your lawyer until tomorrow – and still needs to be translated into Spanish?
Let us help: we accept translations and proofreading jobs at extremely short notice.
We also have the flexibility and resources to make the (virtually) impossible possible.



Translation costs are generally calculated based on standard line prices (one line comprises 55 characters, including spaces).
The price we charge per line always depends on the type of text, its complexity, the language pair, text length and timeframe.
An additional stamping fee is charged for certified translations, and surcharges may also be applicable for particular file formats or express translations.
Proofreading, transcriptions, terminology management and similar projects are charged by the hour.
Our voice-over prices cover the fees of both the speaker and sound engineer, as well as studio rental.
Please request a quote for your project.