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A dog’s life at the office

Written by Anja Peschel Translation into English: Anja Peschel Take a break! Particularly when times are busy, it is worth remembering the benefits of a good work-life balance. Whenever the flood of emails in my inbox threatens to drown me, […]

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14 tips for speakers at international conferences

by Anja Peschel Translation into English: Anja Peschel How to ensure that both the original and translated versions of your presentation are a complete success. The conference season is once again in full swing. At technical events in particular, conference […]

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New website goes online

It was just meant to be a quick adaptation for mobile end devices. The result is a new look featuring lots of new photos.

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Peschel interpreters at Intersolar Europe

Interpreters Anja Peschel and Katherina Polig are all set to translate the opening of Intersolar Europe 2014 and the Intersolar AWARD ceremony on 4th June. Intersolar Europe is the world’s largest exhibition for the solar industry and its partners, taking […]

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